Allan 2012 100

Allan Jude is one of the hosts of TechSNAP and of BSD Now. In the past, he has also acted as guest host for the Linux Action Show when either Bryan or Matt was away.

Allan is the Vice President for Operations at - the HTTP and Video Streaming CDN service used by Jupiter Broadcasting for many of its services.


  • Allan is the co-founder of GeekShed IRC where the JupiterBroadcasting Live chatroom is hosted.
  • Allan donates hosting for both of the JupiterColony Minecraft servers and the Xonotic server[1]
  • Allan donates the hosting for the JupiterForce and Minecraft Teamspeak servers
  • Allan taught as a college professor at Mohawk College from 2007 - 2010
  • Allan's company hosts the Live Stream


  • 'You need to Patch your S**t' (On Sony's outdated server software)


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