Also known as "The J-Man".


Jeremy Randall was a co-host of Jupiter@Nite, STOked and the FauxShow.

Jeremy Hosted The MMOrgue Podcast.

Jeremy also often hosted an "after party" following Jupiter@Nite where he interacted with the #jupiterbroadcasting IRC chat room, and played video games.

Jeremy has previously been a host on Castablasta and worked on Beer is Tasty, appearing as a guest host on occasions when Bryan was away and when on location at the 2010 Washington Brewer's Festival. Jeremy also hosted the Beer is Tasty segment/spin-off with guest host Jesse.

Currently, Jeremy works at Cryptic Studios as a developer of Star Trek Online.


  • Jeremy's nicknames in the Jupiter Broadcasting IRC chatroom include OMGJeremy, BorticusCryptic and JeremyAtHome.
  • Jeremy prefers earth tones, and likes country music.
  • Since the start of January 2011, Jeremy began the controversial Atkins diet as a new year's resolution, which he revealed in the Jupiter@Nite episode "The Bacon Diet". Jeremy tracks his progress at the start of each month and has lost an average 11 pounds each month.
  • Jeremy previously had a You Got Mathed audio show on STO-Radio (now known as Trek Radio).
  • Jeremy accidentally referred to the executive producer of Star Trek Online, Daniel Stahl, as "David" Stahl in an early episode of STOked, and this is repeated occasionally in later episodes as a recurring joke.
  • Jeremy loves some salad, especially a really nice steak salad.
  • Jeremy has had kidney stones twice.
  • Jeremy went to high school with John and Bryan.

Quotations and CatchphrasesEdit

  • "With a brick!"[1]
  • "What's with the chair spin?"[2]

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