Legend of the Stoned Owl, or LOTSO for short, was the network's fortnightly video-game-centric show. LOTSO was hosted by Chris, Alan, and Justin.


In a similar fashion to STOked, LOTSO features different segments on a regular basis. These segments are:

  • LOTSO News: as the name implies this the shows news segment where the hosts discuss the news of the gaming industry.
  • LOTSO Reviews: is a segment where the hosts review the latest games.
  • LOTSO Grab Bag: features everything that doesn't fit neatly into the other segments.


Originally intended to be an audio only production the show grew to have a distinct style where the hosts wore silly hats and the audience could only see their silhouettes.

The show was discontinued in April 2011 when Alan left for a summer job doing extreme fishing. It was implied that the show would return after the summer, but as of early 2012 the show is still offline.


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