"Where we take a scapel to the MMO industry and cut it open to see what makes it tick!"


The MMOrgue was a show presented by Jeremy about Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games.

The purpose of the MMOrgue was to take a high-level view at industry events and news coverage within the genre of MMOs.

Stories and community views that were covered on the show had a focus on examining the state of the MMO industry as a whole and impacts of new developments.


Jeremy has a blog called The MMOrgue from which this show has evolved.

The first episode of the MMOrgue was released on the Jupiter Broadcasting website on May 14 2011.

The final episode of The MMOrgue was released on October 14 2011 following Jeremy's departure from Jupiter Broadcasting for a job with Cryptic Studios. One of the reasons Jeremy offered for the discontinuation of the show was that it would be inappropriate to try and be objective about the MMO industry while working within the industry himself.


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