The phrase 'pineapple' was first mentioned by Jeremy as a way to tell the hosts that the stream had gone down. This is a reference to Chuck where mentioning the word 'Pineapple' brought on an immediate store evacuation[1]. However, this has been reversed so that 'no pineapple' means things have gone wrong.

Variation Jupiter Broadcasting Meaning Chuck Meaning
Pineapple Everything's fine Things aren't fine
No pineapple The stream's died Nothing

'Pineapple' has also taken up the status of a meme in the Jupiter Broadcasting Community with pineapple logos being submitted to the FauxShow awards.

Variations Edit

The word 'pineapple' has developed a number of variations thanks to the IRC chatroom, some of the most notable include:

  • "Pi-napple" or "3.1415-napple"

References Edit

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