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"Happy science!"

The show is hosted by Heather and Chris Fisher

Format Edit

It is recorded live on Tuesdays at 7.30pm Pacific time, and released in a downloadable format on Wednesday.

The show is an enhanced audio podcast.

During the live broadcast, visuals (such as images and video clips relating to the topics discussed) and the IRC chat room are displayed on the livestream, this is recorded and appears in the YouTube version, it is also made available for download in HD and SD video formats.

Episodes Edit

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History Edit

  • The first episode of SciByte was released on May 25th 2011 and was about gravity.
  • The show was previously co-hosted by Jeremy and was primarily a video podcast, making use of a virtual studio.

Trivia Edit

  • SciByte is one of the first shows on Jupiter Broadcasting which made use of a virtual studio, and not just a simple chroma keyed background. Since then, a virtual studio has also been used for season 18 and 19 of the Linux Action Show.

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