We’re living in historic times. Don’t waste it on TV. Unplug from the distractions, and unfilter your life! Jupiter Broadcastings weekly media watchdog, meme spotter, and topic deep diver.

The show is hosted by Chris Fisher and Chase Nunes.


NSA Edit

The 2013 global surveillance disclosures have been regularly covered since episode 54, the discussion has centred around the National Security Agency and the surrounding politics.

Format Edit

The show is only audio however a video with the IRC chatroom is recorded. It is normally presented in a long discussional format and when released is around 60 minutes long.

It is released in four different formats:

  • HD Video
  • SD Video
  • OGG Audio
  • MP3 Audio

Funding Edit

Unfilter is a listener supported show with no advertisements.

There is a minimum goal of 333 supporters to cover the cost of keeping the lights on.

As of episode 97 the show has been using Patreon to collect from subscribers, the site lets anyone track how the show is doing and also provides a platform for the supporter community.

Supporter Perks Edit

The ultimate Unfiltered experience.

If you give over $5 a month you become an Unfilter supporter, this has many benefits:

  • A longer show - The Supporters Shows includes the pre and post show.
  • Open Source - You get access to all of the source files for the show, every clip, notes, and the overtime folder.
  • Feeds - There is a dedicated supporters show RSS feed and Bittorrent Sync.

History Edit

The first episode of Unfilter, titled "Cannabis Prohibition", was released on Saturday May 19 2012.

Unfilter started out as a three act show, this changed in episode 34  where the whole episode was just one act, the following episode  got rid of the format entirely.

It hasn't always been just Chris and Chase; for the fist 20 episodes Daniel Jaworski and Michael Vail joined them:

In the third act of episode 22 the two remaining hosts went over some feedback from the audience, the general consensus was that four hosts was too many, from then on it was just Chris and Chase.

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Trivia Edit

  • Episode 166 of the FauxShow, titled FauxFilter, had Chase on as a special guest. The show covered stories that the mainstream news covered too quickly and got wrong, things like Liebeck v. McDonald's and other viral stories.
  • The Red Book was added as a way for Chris and Chase to track predictions about what future shows will bring

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